Terms Of Services

Dear clients, by ordering any of our services we will consider that you have agreed to these terms and conditions:

Prohibited Uses:

  - Pornographic Content.

  - Chat/Dating scripts.

  - Hacking or spyware.

  - Phishing or information gathering.

  - Nulled scripts.

  - Any Fraud Tactics

  - Content against any religion.

- Uploading single big files

- Sites containing hate speech or racism.

  - Malware or viruses.

  - Bitcoin mining.

  - Content that violates the law of any state.

  - Music or movies websites.

  - File upload websites.

  - DDoS attack scripts.

  - Sending spam/scam emails

  - Marketing Emails

  - Overloading the server with any PHP scripts.

  - Copyrighted content

  - PayPal, Visa, Netflix, etc. valid Account checkers

  - Using the service for any fraud, tactical fraud, scam, spam, illegal things

  - Scam or spam websites or any websites that violate the law, Any illegal content is prohibited.

Refund Policy:

Customer can cancel the service and request a refund within 15 days from the date of the order.

Suspension & Termination Policy:

your website gets suspended in the due date. You can still pay the invoice to unsuspend your service and get your systems back working. After 5 days of suspension, your service gets terminated and all of your data (files, databases and everything that is uploaded to the server/host) get deleted and you will not be able to restore them once again.

The word "Unlimited" means the fair usage of the unlimited specifications because your website is hosted on a server that host many websites you shouldn't overload it.

Note : We have the rights to suspend/terminate any website that contains any material of the prohibited content without providing a refund.

Note : We have the rights to change/remove any of these terms at any time, so please review this page periodically.

You can report violation of ToS here : https://clients.vingo-host.com/submitticket.php

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