Terms Of Services

Dear Clients, by ordering any of our services we will consider that you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Prohibited Uses:

  • Pornographic Content.
  • Chat/Dating scripts.
  • Hacking or spyware.
  • Phishing or information gathering.
  • Nulled scripts.
  • Any Fraud Tactics
  • Content against any religion.
  • Sites containing hate speech or racism.
  • Malware or viruses.
  • Bitcoin mining.
  • Content that violates the law of any state.
  • Music or movies websites.
  • File upload websites.
  • DDoS attack scripts.
  • Sending spam/scam emails
  • Marketing Emails
  • Overloading the server with any PHP scripts.
  • Copy Righted Content
  • Paypal, Visa, Netflix, etc... Valid Account Checkers
  • Using the service for any fraud , tactical fraud , scam , spam , illegal things

Scam or spam websites or any websites that violate the law, Any illegal content is prohibited.

Refund Policy:

Customer can cancel the service and request a refund within 15 days from the date of the order

Suspension & Termination Policy:

Our System Give You 5 Days To Renew Your Service After The Due Date , After That Your Website Gets Suspended, And You Can Still Pay The Invoice To Unsuspend Your Service, After 5 Days Of The Suspension Your Service Gets Terminated AND YOUR FILES / WEBSITE / DATABASES/ETC Gets Deleted Without The Ability To Restore Them.

Note : We have the rights to suspend/terminate any website that contains any material of the prohibited content without providing a refund.

Note : We have the rights to change/remove any of these terms at any time, so please review this page periodically.

Report Violation Of TOS : https://clients.vingo-host.com/submitticket.php


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